Dr. Thomas J. Darragh
Stress Reduction Specialist in
Neuro Emotional Technique
and Mind-Body Medicine

About Dr. Thomas J. Darragh

Dr. Thomas J. Darragh, a Chiropractor and Stress-Reduction Specialist, trained in Clinical Nutrition and numerous mind-body medicine techniques, has a track record of success that has made him a highly sought after clinician for over 30 years.

In addition to his clinical qualifications, Dr. Darragh is Nationally Certified in Neuro Emotional Technique. He integrates numerous holistic techniques (Bio-Kinetics, Total Body Modification (TBM), Emotion Code, Body Code, Psychological Kinesiology (Psych-K) Theophostic Prayer Ministry (TPM), and has recently trained with Dr. Richard Bandler, founder of Neuro-Linguistic Programming. 

Dr. Darragh’s approach, coupled with his years of professional and personal experience provides his patients and coaching clients with state-of-the-art Holistic Health Care.  He facilitates profound personal change in a relaxed, comfortable setting, with the ultimate goal of helping people achieve mastery in all areas of their life. He works with couples, families, and individuals of all ages, children to ninety-somethings, and believes that we all have the capacity to heal from the most severe emotional and traumatic experiences of our past.

Dr. Darragh is married to Jacquelyn and they have two grown children and five grandchildren.

About NET

What do I want? Many people would answer this with something like health, peace and calm, joy, prosperity, etc. Agreed, but what is getting in your way?  What self-sabotaging behaviors are preventing you from accomplishing these goals and living life with the emotional brain states you choose?

What is NET? Neuro Emotional Technique (NET) is a safe, scientific, and simple way to access the Unconscious.  This elegant stress reduction technique helps identify the “hidden” causes/motivations of repetitive undesired choices which may result in anxiety, depression, and all sorts of dis-ease.

How does it work? Neuro Emotional Technique is based on a proven combination of chiropractic principles and acupuncture principles. It combines the latest scientific research and centuries-old techniques used in Eastern healing. By acknowledging the relationship between the body’s emotional health, environmental toxicity, nutritional balance and structural integrity, grateful patients around the world enjoy better health and well-being.

With NET, we can identify the unconscious conditioning behind undesirable behavior patterns then simply alters the influencing neurological pathways that can help change life choices. As a NET practitioner, Dr. Darragh has the ability to address the physical and behavioral, stress-related conditions of his patients. These conditions include headaches, body pains, phobias, general anxiety, self-sabotaging behaviors, organ dysfunction and so much more. It is important to understand that this technique does not cure or heal the patience, but rather, it removes the blocks to the body’s natural vitality which “allows” the body to repair itself naturally.

"Get Happy with NET!"
U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Corporal Rory Patrick Hamill’s powerful testimonial about the positive impact of NET on his life.

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NET Research

The ONE Research Foundation is proud to announce the publication of "Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET) Reduces Symptoms of Traumatic Stress in Cancer Survivors". The study focuses on 23 cancer patients who had distressing cancer-related experiences that caused traumatic stress. Some received NET and others were waitlisted to a control. All patients received a functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) while listening to the story of their distressing cancer memory before and after NET. 

One Research Foundation's press release
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“The results of the study were really quite dramatic. In just four to five brief sessions, patients who received NET reported much less distress, their overall emotional state improved significantly and the way their brains reacted to stress cues normalized.” — Monti, D.A., Tobia, A., Stoner, M. et al. “Neuro-emotional technique effects on brain physiology in cancer patients with traumatic stress symptoms: preliminary findings.” J Cancer Surviv (2017). doi:10.1007/s11764-017-0601-8.

The scans after NET (as seen in the photo above) display a dramatic reduction in the brain's response to trauma, validating the powerful effects of NET on the brain.

“I was fairly skeptical and I feel like I am living proof this works” — Study participant Elizabeth Koniz, a breast cancer survivor This groundbreaking paper is the culmination of years of research and would not have been possible without funding provided by generous donations from our members. 

Background and Rational for this Research

Almost 1.5 million people in the United States alone are diagnosed with cancer each year (American Cancer Society, 2007). Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be a highly distressing event, so much so that the American Psychiatric Association (1994) categorizes such an experience as a traumatic stressor. A growing body of evidence suggests an association between emotional distress and negative health outcomes. Among cancer patients, psychosocial factors such as stress (McGarvey, Canterbury, & Cohen, 1998), poor coping (Alter, et al., 1996), and perceptions of illness in relation to self and the outside world (Sterling & Eyer, 1981) can negatively impact health status. Preclinical data also suggests that high amounts of stress-related chemicals may increase tumor growth.

The number of cancer survivors in the United States has more than tripled in the past three decades, raising the importance of research-based treatments for the distress associated with cancer diagnosis and treatment (Monti, Sufian & Peterson, 2008). To access research proposal: Assessment of NET for Decreasing Traumatic Stress Symptoms in Cancer Survivors Using fMRI Graphics and Other Objective Data, please contact office@onefoundation.org. 

Current research retrieved from https://sean-podvent-7gz6.squarespace.com/current-research-updated/ August 2017

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