My work is guided by a desire to see my clients enjoy optimal health in mind, body, and spirit.

In addition to training in NET, Clinical Nutrition, and massage, Jacquelyn is a Certified Spiritual Director and Christian Spiritual Life Coach.

Why You are Here

You are feeling out of touch.
Tired, stressed, unwell.
You know something isn’t right,
but you are not sure why.
Something needs to change.
I’m here to help. Welcome.

The approach I use is based on YOU and your goals of how you want your spiritual, emotional, physical, and mental life to look.
I work primarily with women to heal their body + mind using the modalities that work best for you.
Sometimes we assess your nutrition, sleep patterns, stress levels with muscle testing.
Other times, clients feel disconnected from their meaning, value, purpose in life, relationship with God, or are just sad, depressed, and/or anxious.

So I begin where you are, and we work together to help you figure out where you want to go and give you tools to get there.
My intention is to assist you to improve your health naturally, relieve your pain, and help you get the life you want.

My clients tell me how surprised they are at how quickly they find more control in their life. They express how safe and supported they feel
during their time with me.

My superpower is FUN, so we always have lots of laughs as we work together, because my philosophy is that JOY is the fuel that energizes and heals us.

No one ever said living your best life is easy. But if you know it can be better, and you’re stuck, I can help.